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Connecting speakers to your LCD TV: Dell™ W3000 LCD TV User's Guide

Connecting the Speaker wiring to the LCD TVMounting the Speakers on the LCD TV Specification


CAUTION : Before performing any of the setup procedures listed below, read and follow the safety instructions.


Remove the Dell back cover from LCD TV to expose the Speaker connector


Connecting the Speaker wiring to the LCD TV

  1. Turn off the power to the LCD TV
  2. Disconnect the power cord
  3. Connect the speaker wire with the proper "left" and "right" indication
  4. Connect the red wire to the "+" polarity
  5. Connect the black wire to the "-" polarity

Mounting the Speakers on the LCD TV

  1. Using a screwdriver, remove the speaker pedestal screws.
  2. Connect the speaker to the LCD TV using the provided speaker mounting bracket (as shown above).
  3. Thumb screw the bracket to the back of the LCD TV and the Speaker.


  • Do not connect the thumb screw too tightly as it could cause damage to the speakers and LCD TV.
  • When relocating the LCD TV, do not carry the LCD TV by the speakers as this could potentially damage both the speakers and LCD TV.


Impedance 8
Nominal Power 10W
Maximum Power 20W
Width(mm) 180
Height(mm) 538
Weight(Kg) 1.73

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